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Covenant icons

The Covenant is one of my favorite movies! Can't explain why, it just...well, I'm a sucker for a teen horror/sci-fi/whatever else you can cram into a movie like that flick. Angst. I think I love angst :)

I tried a LOT of new stuff on these icons. They are all vastly different :)

1. Don't hotlink and don't edit.
2. Do not redistribute.
3. Textless are not bases
4. Comment and credit, PLEASE!


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Kyle XY, season 1, episode 9

WOW. It's been a while since I've made icons!! I hope to get back into making tons and tons of icons very very soon :)

If anyone still watches this community, do I have any requests as to what everyone thinks I should cap? I have one more ep (the season finale) of KyleXY, and then I shall icon the movie Junebug, with the beautiful Amy Adams. Requests would be kind of nice...makes me think people actually like my icons :) I rarely see any of my online friends USE my icons, so it would be interesting to take requests. Anyway...


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